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Class Description
Group I School Affiliated Nonprofit Groups. Nonprofit groups affiliated with the Anacortes School District whose purpose is to support the mission of the Anacortes School District, i.e. PTAs, ASB Clubs, Anacortes Senior College, foundations, sanctioned booster clubs, groups/councils authorized by the district to support or advise school programs and activities.
Group II Nonprofit groups that support youth and/or ASD mission. Nonprofit groups/events that:
  1. Support community youth 20 years of age or younger with open enrollment and open participation of all ability levels. i.e. scouting organizations, City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation youth programs, little leagues, etc.
  2. Support and/or augment the mission of the Anacortes School District.
Group III Nonprofit groups that support “select” youth activities. Nonprofit groups/events that are exclusively for youth 20 years of age or younger whose participants are selected on a competitive or tryout basis and whose activities are not open to youth of all ability levels. If an organization includes both “select” and “non-select” activities (i.e., select/premier and club soccer teams); user fees shall be determined by applying Group III rates for the non-select activities.
Group IV Nonprofit Adult Groups and Service Clubs. Not-for-profit local adult groups which have as their prime focus the interest and needs of the adults of the local community, which includes adult organizations with a nonprofit status, adult organizations approved by the United Way, senior citizen groups, City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation adult programs, adult activities sponsored by government agencies, and organized community groups. Criteria for this classification include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. No admission charge
  2. Purpose of activity is non-fund raising 3. Activity is non-commercial
Group V Commercial or For-Profit Groups. Includes all commercial and/or promotional activities such as for-profit presentations, wedding receptions and private parties.
Group VI Local, State & Federal Government Organizations

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Note: Your Group can only have 1 Classification per District and not all Districts use Classifications. Contact your District for more information.
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